Audio Visual (AV)

Our focus is on support, not a sale!

Our AV specialists will work with your school to make sure you’re purchasing the best solution to fit your needs and budget, rather than just providing a projector or T.V that isn’t right for you.

We’ll work with you to understand what learning outcomes you want to achieve, then assess your physical on-site limitations before putting a proposal forward. We also offer deployment and training services to ensure your equipment is up and running efficiently, as quick as possible.

Only the Best Brands for Education


We wouldn’t expect you to invest in a brand that isn’t up to standards for education, which is why we only partner with the brands who we know are up to the task!


Large Scale AV

Perhaps you're wanting to install a projector in the stadium or in an open area for parent information nights. Maybe you'd like multiple TVs around the campus to provide information to certain areas of the school?

We can help with the above and more, our team of AV specialists will happily come on-site and help map out a solution that best suits you and your environment!

Classroom AV


Epson are market leaders in projector solutions. They’ve been tested by the rigors of classroom environments and proven to handle them. Projectors come in many different shapes and sizes, but we can walk you through the most appropriate product to suit your needs.

Options for roof and wall mounted projectors are available, as well as stylus or finger touch interactive projectors to turn a dull wall into an interactive learning space for your classrooms.

Panels and Displays

Looking to install a TV to brighten up your classroom or boardroom? We offer a wide range of options for both portable and wall mounted panels to suit your needs.

Including touch or non-touch panels from many different manufacturers, we can cater to any budget or requirement!

Do you have special requirements for your AV install? Do you need to keep the cabinetry? Tricky room layout?

We have the solutions, and our experienced installers have more than likely seen the same issues you are encountering. Let our AV team work with you to find the right solution.