The Edunet BYOD Ecosystem

More than just a BYOD portal, our ecosystem compliments and 1:1 program with the very best in after sales service and advice. Lifting the burden of coordinating service jobs and making available accessories for lost items are just a few of the ways we have built an end-to-end BYOD solution!

School Admin Portal

Designed to give you an insight to your 1:1 program, our school admin portal puts access to information on your school's BYOD fleet right at your fingertips!

Here are just a few reasons why should should consider Edunet to support your BYOD program.

BYOD Portal

Built from the ground up our portal is designed to put devices in the hands of students with minimal fuss.

Shipping options include Australia Post or Direct to School

"White Glove" services and machines can arrive bagged, fully imaged and connected to your wireless network.

Our checkout process can include an agreement to your School IT policy!

Service Portal

One click logging of Service jobs, as well as access to warranty/insurance history

Should the service request require payment, our service portal can generate and send payment links to families

Edunet are happy to deal directly with families to service machines