PC & Notebook


Edunet strictly stands behind only the brands that are capable of surviving life in the school bag or classroom.



Whether it's school owned or parent purchased, an entry level Intel Celeron Laptop or an Intel Core i7 Hybrid Workhorse, Edunet has the right device for everyone!



Maybe you're after a low cost but highly effective device for your students, or maybe you're looking to impress your peers with your device featuring a detachable keyboard, there's options available for any situation!



Edunet has choices for the modest reception PC up to the graphics lab powerhouse machine. Options available in "All in One" formats or your traditional Desktop + Monitors.


Charging Stations

PC Locs are the market leading provider of secure storage and charging stations for Laptops and Tablets. Whether you're after a portable solution, fixed wall/desk mounted cabinet or a charging tower for BYOD devices, PC Locs has a solution for everyone!



If you're looking to get the most out of your machine, here are some peripherals you may want to consider!

Lenovo and Microsoft Branded Docks

Apple USB-C Mutliport Adapter for MacBooks

Cases and Covers for all Laptops and Tablets

Monitors - Multiple Brand Options available!

External Hard Disk Drives or USB's

Wireless or corded mice


Additional Services


Refreshing your hardware at the school isn't as simple as it may seem and choosing which device is suitable for your school isn't always the hardest part! Edunet can help ease the pain with the below optional services:

Software Imaging

Asset Recycling

Onsite Installation and Box Removal

Data Wiping

Asset Tagging

Custom skins

If you have a need for new hardware, or if you just have some questions please reach out to our sales team!