STEAM Learning Tools

With technology moving so fast we need to prepare the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow!

Sometimes choosing a new and exciting piece of equipment for your school isn't the hardest part, learning how to implement your purchase into the curriculum is the real challenge! Edunet is leading the charge in identifying the new and upcoming technologies that can help with the push of STEM

3D Printers

"Never mind the computer on every desktop, that's a given. In the near future, teachers and students will want or have a 3D printer on the desk to help them learn core Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)." TJ McCue, Forbes

We have sourced market leading 3D Printer brands to provide schools with a large range of options! Whether you're just wanting to dip your toe in the water or set up a full 3D Print Lab, we can provide you with choices to handle the single unit purchases right through to large scale implementations.

Intergrating a 3D printer into your curriculum is easy, with useful lesson plans available to take the guesswrok out of applying a 3D project in the classroom. For ideas and inspiration reach out to our sales team, or visit