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Add Money to Your School Budget With Asset Buyback
Recycle old or unused ICT equipment in bulk.

Receive the highest financial return of your school’s investment. After a device is three years old its maintenance requirements double each year, taking valuable time from your technology experts and ultimately costing you more.

Don’t wait until a device is eight years old. It can cause more losses than it’s worth. At three years your equipment will sell at a higher price, allowing you to spend—or save—more during your refresh.

No unexpected deductions.

Once we have received a list of your ICT equipment and it’s been valued by our experienced purchasing team, we lock in the price. That way, there’s no deductions for condition or functionality after collection. We’ll pay you via your preferred method, be it EFT, cheque, or store credit for ICT infrastructure purchases with us later—you could save $20,000!

We come to you.

There is no need to package your assets or deal with couriers. Our staff will drive to your location at a convenient time and pick up your end-of-life ICT equipment. We pack the assets ourselves and assume all responsibility during transit to our depot. If anything is damaged during that time, we will not deduct from our quoted price.

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Not sure if your assets are good enough to sell? Send us your equipment list anyway and we’ll let you know.